Jerky Seasoning 5lb Case

Jerky Seasoning 5lb Case

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About the product
  • Try Jerky Seasoning for ground beef or wild game
  • Good for curing or preserving sausages, white fish, salami's, bacon and more
  • Perfect gift for hunters, sportsmen, outdoor cooks, and anglers
  • Jerky Seasoning requires 8 oz. golden sugar cure for 4 oz. seasoning, makes 10 lbs of jerky

Product description

Flavor:  Jerky Seasoning

Todd's is a family-owned company who has been formulating signature spice since 1926. Located in America's Heartland, we source only the finest ingredients.

Todd's Jerky Seasoning is a perfect blend for your DIY Jerky needs.  Using a 1 to 2 ratio of Jerky Seasoning to Golden Sugar Cure, you can make Jerky from any meat you would like.


Important information

Ingredients: Sugar, Spices, Garlic (#5670)


1. Combine seasoning and golden sugar cure.

2. Slice meat approximately ¼" thick.

3. Coat one side of meat strip in seasoning and layer in curing pan. When finished layering, sprinkle small amount of seasoning on top of last layer.

4. Refrigerate overnight. Hang meat on bacon hooks or lay on racks of smoker, food dehydrator, or cookie sheet for oven method. Dry for 1 hour at 130° F. Gradually dry, moving up in temperature to 170° F, for 5 hours.6. Store finished jerky in cool, container.


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