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Martin Todd and his wife started Todd’s in 1926, using their own recipes of seasonings, and blends to serve meat lockers, markets, and packaging plants in the Des Moines area. He continued using his personal recipes, reformulating them to give variety. Martin soon started sending salesmen on routes across Iowa. Word spread throughout the meat lockers, markets, and packaging plants so the service area grew throughout the midwest.

Alan Niedermeier took over Todd’s in 1971 coming from a background of working with Watkins. He continued growing Todd’s to fit the needs of the current day and age. Todd’s started seeing a demand for equipment as well as their well-known seasonings and spices in the food industry, so Alan started selling smokehouses, saws, tenderizers, patty machines, and many other useful tools.

The food industry continued developing and progressing rapidly, not wanting to be left behind, Todd’s started offering the service of private packaging and labeling. It was very successful, and helped Todd’s once again reinvent themselves to succeed in the food industry.

In June 2011, Andy Holt bought Todd's LTD and started working to increase quality, product range, and to provide the best experience for customers. Then in October 2015 Todd's bought the Summit Foods factory in Madison, Nebraska; which had much better efficiencies in liquid blending and packaging. Todd’s continues to grow with the a focus on being a reliable source for food packaging needs.

Today, Todd’s employs many residents of the MidWest in 3 separate areas of operations. Todd’s is a small-business that has grown into an award winning and publicly praised producer of fine products.

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