Golden Sugar Cure 2lb Bag

Golden Sugar Cure 2lb Bag

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About the product
  • The Original Golden Sugar cure 
  • Usage 2 lbs cure / gallon water
  • Yield 1 ham, 1 turkey, 1 chicken or choice of meat to brine.
  • Use this cure as a brine for beautiful golden hams and turkeys!

Product description

Flavor: Golden Sugar

Golden Sugar Cure has been our best product since our opening in 1926. Golden Sugar Cure has been perfectly formulated to be used as a brine.

  • Try Todd's Golden Sugar Cure as a simple classic for your turkey or a ham. Our Golden Sugar Cure is a great choice for a sweeter flavor in your ham.
  • The Golden Sugar Cure adds a smokey and fruity flavor for a fantastic Ham.
  • DIRECTIONS: Combine Todd’s Golden Sugar Cure with water in large basin sink or food-safe bucket. Usage 2 lbs / 1 gallon water. Stir until thoroughly dissolved. Add meat of choice & allow to soak for 1 hour to up to 10 days depending on brining preference. 
  • Preparation tips:  • The longer you brine, the more tender & moist your meat will be. We suggest to soak in clear water post-brine for a short time "depending on your brine time."  Ex: brine time 10 days, then soak in clear water for 1 hour. 
  • Todd's cures can also be used for small cuts of meats. Adjust cure to water ratio accordingly.  Yield 1 ham, 1 turkey. Use this cure for beautiful golden hams.
  • Ingredients: Salt, Brown Sugar, Dextrose, Sodium Nitrate, 0.79% Propylene Glycol

For more instructions on how to brine a chicken click here


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