Applewood Golden Sugar Cure 2lb Bag

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About the product
  • Applewood Sugar Cure has a Smokey and Fruity Flavor!
  • Usage 2 lbs / gallon water
  • Yield 1 ham, 1 turkey, chicken and more meats
  • Use this cure for beautiful golden hams, turkeys, chicken and More meats!

Product description

Flavor: Applewood

Todd's has been making our sugar cures since 1926 for the Iowa meat industry. We want to share with everyone else our secret to making the best hams, bacons and turkeys. Our Applewood Sugar Cure has a great Apple Flavor that will add a nice sweet flavor to your Ham.


Combine Todd’s Applewood Sugar Cure with water in large basin sink or food-safe bucket. Stir until thoroughly dissolved. Add meat of choice & allow to soak for 1 hour to up to 10 days depending on brining preference.  Preparation tips:  • The longer you brine, the more tender & moist your meat will be. We suggest to soak in clear water post-brine for a short time "depending on your brine time."  Ex: Turkey brine time 1 to 10 days, then soak in clear water 30 minutes to 1 hour. • Todd's cures can also be used for small cuts of meats. Adjust cure to water ratio accordingly.


Salt, Brown Sugar, Dextrose, Sodium Nitrate 0.79%, Propylene Glycol

For more instructions on how to brine a chicken click here 

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